I needed to get this off my chest.

My sister, who never claimed edge but introduced me to it, was pretty snotty to me on Thanksgiving about my being straightedge. I was talking about the time a couple months ago when I and my friend got kicked out of a karaoke bar because my friend was under 21 (no posted signs, but that's beside the point). During the incident I was asked to buy something and I had said "sure as long as I don't have to buy alcohol." After I finished my story, my sister said, "you know red wine is actually good for you." I replied, "so is grape juice," so of course she continued with "not as good as red wine or even beer." Our mother asked why, my sister explained and I mentioned that I've been straightedge for 15 years. You know what my sister said?

"Do you want a cookie?"

Yes, bitch, go get me one, they're in the kitchen.

Fast forward to yesterday. (Backstory: my sister and i are landlords. my mother and sister are housemates in one double, with a couple living in the apartment under them. i live with my husband in the other house and am desperately looking for a tenant to live under us. my mother is great at prospective tenant stuff, so she helps me out.) My mother was over at my house waiting for someone to come by for an appointment and told me my sister was very upset about something that happened at our aunt & uncle's house the evening before. My mother said my sister had started to get drunk when my mother left the house and that I should call her to make sure she was okay. So I called after thinking, "okay, how horrible and awkward is this going to be?"

me: Hey, Ma was really concerned about you when she left.
me: uh...
me: Nevermind. Goodbye.

I had no idea how to respond to that. I was trying to tell her that we were worried about her being drunk, but it was almost like she was telling us that she got more drunk because I needed help from our mother.

Later in the evening, my mother called and said she would be meeting the prospective tenant at her house (they had seen the apartment and were just bringing over the application) because my sister was at a friend's house and was presumably stoned.

Why did she tell me about straightedge if she never followed any of it except the hardcore music? It baffles me.

If you read this, thanks. I'm not outright asking for feedback, I'm just pouring out my thoughts.
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Courage Crew

Is it true this violent edge group is affiliated with Will Smith and Jada Pinket Smith?

I just read about them starting some trouble with LifeRuiner in Ohio a month ago and I was curious.

What If You DIdn't Claim

Do you think your life would be different if you didn't claim Edge or had never heard of the sXe lifestyle?

For me, personally, I'm not sure.  My high school and University life, pre-edge, I was never a big drinker (maybe a social beer on outings) and I never did drugs.  It's just that over the last few years, a lot of my friends had become harder drinkers, going to bars and such... I go out with them, but I don't drink.  I've been claiming edge for... oh, 4 years now... I'm not sure if my stance on drinking would be different, but there's a part of me that think I might have gotten caught in that lifestyle.  I'm not interested in it, but a part of me, if I hadn't really claimed Edge, thinks I would have just given into peer pressure.
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(no subject)

just posting to say that i hate the majority of straightedge kids, especially the new ones that think straightedge began with afi or throwdown. i hate how theres even kids that dont know the hardcore roots of straightedge, dont know where it came from and dont know (or even care) about the bands that brought being drug free out of the shadows and put it in the spotlight. and seriously nothings worse than these loud obnoxious motherfuckers screaming straightedge out loud as fuck and selling out 3 months later. get the fuck out of my life.

know your history, know your roots and stay true to your convictions for fucks sake.

i wish it could be mid to late 90s all over again

cooking straight edge style

I’ve been trying to be more healthy, cook my own meals, etc,  and I was wondering what you guys’s favorite recipes are. I’m a veggie, so I'm looking for more vegetarian and vegan , but I’m sure my roommates would appreciate any meat recipes if any carnivorous straight edgers would like to contribute :)


And as a side question, how many of you guys are vegetarian or vegan?

Well here it is.. My reason behind my edge

Hey guys, Well it's about 5:20 in the morning and I can't sleep so I thought I'd go on LJ... (of course I'm trying to be really quiet because my mom is sleeping in the other room)  Well I was reading through Misty-Flips' s Journal and I came across a post that inspired me to blog about why I became SxE.... and this might get a little bit personal so... hopefully you guys will get to know me a little bit more. Here goes.......

I never really took the time to sit and think about what I want for my life. I'm a pretty young kid.. But I'm old enough to understand and see what certain things do to people and how they effect and (if you let them) have the ability to control you. My father is an alcoholic and a smoker. Back when I was little and when I lived with him I remember he always liked to drink, but I don't ever remember him getting very drunk. But of course people change. I haven't lived with my father for six years and a lot has changed since then... like my parents getting divorced and my dad becoming a smoker and getting to like alcohol even more.. A little while ago while talking with my madre (mother) she told me that my father's new wife had called my aunt for help because my father had come home drunk and he was acting horribly violent and she didn't know what to do or how to stop him. I was shocked because I never imagined my dad a crazy heavy drinker. But like I said, people change..

I guess being brought up Christian you are taught about sex and how you shouldn't have sex before you are married. I have always believed in that and I know I always will. 

For a long time now I have known I never want to be an alcoholic or a smoker or be sexually impure. And of course I realize not doing those things doesn't make you straight edge, it just makes you clean. Straight edge is something that you take upon yourself.. 

To be honest I just discovered what straight edge is no more than four weeks ago. I have become a huge fan of WWE wrestling and one of my favorite wrestlers, CM Punk, was talking about straight edge.I had no idea what it was so after watching the interview I googled it. I read for long time about it, looking at different sites and searching different things. I saw everything from the background of it to the rules to the music to the tattoos. And after thinking about it for a few days I kept going back and re-reading everything. I then realized I wanted to claim edge. I felt like I had to. I really wanted to. So I did. 

Of course sometimes I wonder if because of my age people will just think I am a joke to SxE... and no doubt there are people out there who will. But I am not SxE for other people. I am edge for myself. And I know I am not too young to understand. Believe me when I say I have said no to weed and beer. I have sat there and watched people smoke and been offered a hit, but I said no.. I am still a virgin ( I will be until I get married) and I have never had beer or or smoked one cigarette... and before I became edge I was once or twice very, very tempted to try it but I didn't. And that is one reason I claimed edge. So that I could remember who I am. And just have the ability to just say "No". And that's the same advice I'd give anyone: Just say "NO." 


I thought I'd post a little something up here as there's been a bit more life in the community...

I just started working out pretty hard lately and I've taken it up a notch and I wonder what people's veiws on supplements are.  No, I'm not talking steroids or anything like that... Just supplements like protein, creatine and such.

For me, personally, I veiw it more as a dietary thing or a substitute, while a few people I know, non-edge vegans, just don't use supplements as they don't believe it's right.  To each his (or her|) own of course...

I just wonder what some other points of views might be.

(no subject)

 Hey guys, well I'm not sure if any of you are into wrestling but I am and I was watching Night of Champions for WWE tonight and C.M Punk ( a straight edge wrestler ) was talking about the straight edge life style and I just thought it was really cool... did any of you guys happen to see it?


 Hey guys, well I am new to Live Journal, and I just barely claimed Edge... Although I have always felt this way towards drugs and alcohol and all that.. And I take a great deal of pride in being SxE ..... So.. I just joined this community and wanted to introduce myself..  Thanks.