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Hello, medlir here.

This community is for people who are straightedge.

Stop the hatred! I've read a ton of posts on the "straightedje" and "straightedgesux" communities and there's tons of bashing on both... I don't want that here. If you're straightedge, AWESOME! But don't bash people who aren't just because they made a different choice. A lot of sxe people have different ideas and make different choices on how to live it even. Tolerance! Saying things like "I think doing this is stupid..." is one thing when talking about a thing or idea, but all the overgeneralizations and personal attacks are another, like saying "All drug users are losers and morons!" That's a huge overgeneralization, and simply not true. If you think so, you need a good dose of reality. Likewise, derogatory names and comments, etc aren't wanted here.

No flame wars please.

Please keep your posts and comments mature, clean, and relevant.

Please do not post pornography to this community. It's not the place for it. Feel free to post links though if it's actually relevant to the community with an appropriate warning/disclaimer. As it's been pointed out, there are minors here as well as people who just don't want to see it.

Along those lines, if you're going to post images, please use the LJ-Cut tag around it so people don't have to load it unless they want to see it. Not everyone has broadband. If you don't know what the LJ-Cut tag is or how to use it, please read the FAQ:


If you still need help, feel free to email me.

It seems like a lot of people have joined and didn't read a word of this. In particular, the part about not bashing people, tolerance, and making your choice for yourself and letting others make their own choices. If anyone doesn't agree with that and thinks it's their [deity/self]-given right to bash people all they want and any way they want, I invite them to leave this community, or be forcefully removed. If you want to bash people, do it in your own journal.

Please, try to keep the community on topic.

For clarification of the above statement, it doesn't say only one topic is allowed. Ideally, most posts have to do with straightedge topics, but others are allowed. For anyone that doesn't know, topics likely to result in flame wars, i.e. "taboo topics in polite company", include politics, religion, and even nationalism (particularly anti-Americanism)... considering there are fervent, steadfast, even rabid people on both sides of all of these topics, and a lot of people with no self-control. If you're going to start these topics, try to keep them within the guidelines above. Intelligent discussion of these topics is great, useless ranting is another.

Make your choices for yourself, be an example for others, but don't try to make choices for other people!

Other than that, welcome to anyone who's joined, and anyone who feels like joining or getting other people to join.

For anyone who may be looking for sxe-related merchandise:

angryyoungandpoor.com - Search for "straight edge".
hottopic.com - "Hugs not drugs," "[no smoking sign] There are cooler ways to die," and more.
interpunk.com - Search for "straight edge".

If there's problems with any of these links, let me know.

Have fun, be good.

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